Job seekers often feel under-valued and under-represented in their quest for a viable and sustainable job – especially when it comes to transitioning into their second-act career.
Mark Anthony Dyson, “the voice of the job-seeker,” is exactly the kind of advocate and guide that job seekers need.
He uses practical strategies sprinkled with empathy to clarify their career paths according to their values, lifestyles, and skills He equips them with the insights and strategies to ensure meaningful, long-term careers.
In this episode, Mark encourages job seekers to adopt a growth mindset and think about their career for the long term – not simply in terms of landing their next job. He believes we should think of ourselves more as consultants and less as employees, and present ourselves as specific solution providers to solve employer problems.
Make sure to follow his two LinkedIn live streams:
  • #JobSeekerNation on Wednesdays at 1 PM ET
  • “The Modern Job Search Checklist” on Fridays at 1 PM ET
And his podcast: The Voice of Job Seekers

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