I'm a national keynote speaker, workplace futurist, a recognized expert, content specialist, and thought leader on career management, entrepreneurship, work transitions, personal finance and retirement. I'm a tireless advocate for helping women manage their wealth and build money confidence for financial security.

Speaking and writing are my passions, in addition to horses and my dog. There's nothing quite like the magic of connecting with an audience or readers and knowing they're learning new ways to make a positive change in their lives that will land them a job they love, find meaning in their work, and conquer a fear of managing their money.

My latest book, Great Pajama Jobs, published by John WIley & Sons, is available NOW. You'll find all you need to know about finding a great remote job and how to succeed as a remote or work from home employee between the covers of this one.

My current book in progress: In Control at 50+: How to Succeed in the New World of Work (McGraw-Hill, 2022)

As a bit of background, I'm an award-winning and best-selling author of more than a dozen books, including my latest, Great Pajama Jobs: Your Complete Guide to Working from Home. Others include: Never Too Old to Get Rich: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business Mid-Life, Money Confidence: Really Smart Financial Moves for Newly Single Women and Great Jobs for Everyone 50+.

A few of my other books: Getting the Job You Want After 50 (Wiley) Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness (Wiley),) and the gold medal-winning What's Next?: Finding Your Passion and Your Dream Job.

I'm a senior columnist for Yahoo Finance, and a former expert columnist, opinion writer, and contributor for The New York Times, MarketWatch, Forbes, and PBS Next Avenue.

One highlight of my career so far has been testifying before the Senate Special Committee on Aging at its hearing, Work in Retirement: Career Reinventions and the New Retirement Workscape.

I'm a frequent television, podcast and radio expert commentator. I have deep experience in all media-- and produce high-level content for books, magazines, newspapers, including The New York Times, and variety of web sites.

Clients for my keynote presentations include AARP, Duke University, The Investor Protection Trust, Georgia State Securities Office, RBC Wealth Management, SXSW and many more.

What gets me motivated each day is making a difference in someone's life by helping them build their network, land a job they love and sharing a message of practical advice, hope, optimism, value, enthusiasm and resilience.

In the spring of 2001, the tech bubble collapsed, and my startup along with it. I was approaching 50 and felt shaken, disheartened, and adrift.

But instead of returning to the same jobs and roles I had held ten years earlier, I felt a deeper calling to go back to school to get a fresh perspective on who I was and how I could contribute my skills and experience in a new way.

I was one of those kids who exhausted their parents by always asking “why.” I believe that innate curiosity is what led me to pursue my master’s degree in spiritual psychology. I wanted to know more about why I had made the decisions I had made, and why I had struggled in my career. I wanted to understand how to make more self-honoring choices going forward.

While the first act of my career had been about learning to develop and manage large-scale projects as a Hollywood executive, film producer, and entrepreneur, the second act has turned into a mission to serve others in the pursuit of their professional goals and dreams.

Learning to survive in the fast-paced and volatile entertainment and tech businesses taught me resilience, resourcefulness, and the tactics needed to turn setbacks into opportunities.

Those lessons have provided the actionable pillars of my coaching methodology. It is a step-by-step framework that I have successfully developed over the past decade and used to coach hundreds of clients individually and in workshops and groups.

Guided by my spiritual psychology training, I help people reframe and accept past hurts, disappointments, and judgments in their careers, bringing a positive attitude and a renewed confidence to take risks, responsibility, and initiative for what they want to achieve going forward.

I know that the seed of your future career is already inside you, even if you are not yet totally clear on what that might look like. My methodology helps you identify it, germinate it, grow it, and manifest it.

The second half of life brings a greater yearning for meaning and purpose. This is a call to action, and a special opportunity to stay engaged, not to withdraw or retreat into an empty retirement.

It is such a privilege to be present with a client when their epiphany happens. They finally see how everything that they’ve done now serves their purpose going forward. They can step into this new stage with confidence, clarity, and wisdom. The uncertainties and the doubts are gone. What’s left is the simple determination to go forward, share their unique value and their usefulness, and claim their future.