Built by and for women 40 and beyond, Second Act Women (https://secondactwomen.com/) is an IRL and virtual club for women 40 & 50+ that provides access to professional and self-development courses and workshops led by industry experts, resources, and on-demand content. It’s a network of women entering middlescence with vigor.

Founded to counter the ageist bias waged against females 40 & 50+ in corporate, business ownership, and in society, SecondActWomen gives women the opportunity and the community to ReThink, ReTool and ReBoot in order to design their future on their terms.

We talked with Second Act Women co-founders Barbara Brooks and Guadalupe Hirt, two marketing and PR professionals with decades of experience between them. They’ll share how Second Act Women came together, the programs they’re running, and their plans for the future. We’ll also talk about what they’re learning about their own second acts.

A 29-year marketing and public relations specialist, Barbara launched her award-winning career in the shopping center industry where she oversaw regional and super-regional malls and downtown districts like Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, Sundance Square in Fort Worth, and Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas. In 2001, she began an eight-year career in broadcasting where she worked as a senior sales and business development representative at iHeart Radio, CBS Radio, and Gannett before returning to shopping centers where she marketed Denver’s own Park Meadows Retail Resort.

A 26-year public relations professional turned four-time entrepreneur and social justice advocate, Guadalupe now champions women’s issues and is helping break down female ageist bias that lingers in corporate America and society. Most recently, she worked as an associate producer on a short-subject documentary that explored the intersection of culture, identity, and belonging from the lens of first-generation American-born Latinos. During this time, she also co-authored a cultural workbook that helps middle school and high school teachers bring this important conversation into the classroom.

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